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Mommy & Me/Wiggles & Giggles is a class for our 2 year old
dancers who want to get those feet movin’! Moms join in the fun for a
once in a lifetime class with your darling dancer. This class has a
relaxed format. Dancers can wear their princess costumes while
mom can wear her sweats. We start the class learning the basics
of music, dance, and make believe! When your dancer turns 3, they
will transfer to the Creative Movement class and moms can throw
in the towel, or tutu, as we like to say!

Creative Movement /Petites is a special class designed for our 3
years old dancers to introduce them to basic ballet and tap technique.
Students will learn and reinforce coordination skills such as skipping,
leaping, hopping, and beginning ballet and tap movements. With the
help of movement, music, songs, and props, this class is a fun way to
introduce your child to the wonderful world of dance. Creative Movement
dancers do not perform in the yearly recital. Instead, we have a special
recital party held at our studio. Family and friends are invited to watch
them perform several dances. Each student will receive a tutu as her costume and refreshments are served.

Ballet & Tap (B/T) is a class for students ages 4-6. Students are introduced to ballet and tap technique and combinations appropriate for their age group. Tap will allow students to study music, rhythm, and timing. Ballet will allow students to learn the basics of all styles of dance, as well as grace, posture, and poise. They will begin learning traveling steps, leaps, and turns. We will incorporate age appropriate games, music, and combinations to help make dance class fun and to reinforce technique. Students enrolled in the 4-5 year old class will perform 1 dance in the yearly recital. Students enrolled in the 5-6 year old class will perform 2 dances in the recital.

Ballet, Tap, & Jazz (B/T/J) is designed for students ages 7-13. Students will be placed in a class based on their dance experience and technique level. Jazz is derived from ballet, and students must continue their ballet training to excel in jazz class. Students ages 7-8 will dance for 75 minutes and will perform 2 dances in the recital; tap and ballet. Jazz steps will be incorporated into these routines. Students 9-10 will dance for 90 minutes each week and will perform 2-3 dances in the recital; tap, ballet and jazz. Students ages 11-13 will dance for 120 minutes each week and will also perform 2-3 dances in the recital. Dancers registered in the 9-10 and 11-13 classes will participate in the Grand Finale.

High School Ballet, Lyrical, Tap & Jazz (B/L/T/J) is designed for dancers ages 14 – 18. Both intermediate and advanced classes are available. Students registered in the advanced level class have danced for several years, demonstrated their advanced level of ballet technique, and are enrolled in a competition level class. To participate in the High School classes, students must attend all classes, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Dancers must be prepared to work hard and attend 95% of their classes. Teacher permission is required to register for these classes to ensure proper class placement. Dancers will perform 3 dances in the recital in addition to the Opening Production & Grand Finale.

Clogging This is a great extension class for those who love tap. Clogging is a different style from tap in that cloggers will use an up-and-down body motion and keep time with their heels. Where tap dancers stay light on their feet and dance to the melody of the music. Clogging is often done in a line formation with each dancer doing the same steps at the same time. Dancers will perform one routine in the yearly recital.

Contemporary  This new and popular style combines expressive dance with several dance genres; modern, jazz, lyrical, and classical ballet. This style connects the mind and body through fluid dance movements. All High School students in the BTJL class will do a contemporary piece in the yearly recital. Competition students will also compete with this style

Hip Hop (H/H) is a class that students 7 and older may take, in addition to their regular dance class to broaden their jazz technique to a more modern, funky style. This is a high-energy class where dancers will develop strength and precision. This is an ideal class for dancers who wish to join cheer and dance teams as they get older. Students in this class will perform a Hip Hop dance in the recital.

Competitive Dance is designed for the highly dedicated, advanced dancers to train for competitions and additional performances. Students must be enrolled in the Advanced (B/T/J) and have instructor approval. A higher tuition rate applies to this class because of the additional coaching and extra time involved in choreography. Additional fees include extra practices, costumes, make-up, possible travel, competition entry fees, etc. Students will perform their competition routine in the yearly recital.

Pre-Pointe/Advanced Ballet Technique is an additional class designed for the ballerina at heart. This class is for 10-12 year olds who wish to advance their ballet training and technique. Pre-Pointe prepares the dancers body for pointe shoes and advanced technique. We encourage dancers who do not want to dance on pointe, but would still like to advance their technique, to take this class. Dancers will build strength in their feet, ankles, legs, torso, back and arms, as well as flexibility in their hips for the proper ‘turn-out’ necessary for advanced technique. Dancers wishing to dance ‘On Pointe’ should complete two years of pre-pointe. Students in this class will perform a pre-pointe dance in the recital.

Pointe II is designed for the highly dedicated dancer who has completed 2 years of pre-pointe and is at least 13 years old. Teacher permission is required for enrollment in this class.

Dance Theater (DT) is a study of combining dancing and role-playing. Most professional productions require dancers to have some acting/drama training and ability in addition to their dance technique. Such productions would include The Wizard of Oz, Chicago, The Music Man, 42nd Street and etc. Students will be charged a $40 microphone rental for the recital.

Advanced Stretching & Strength Training is a required class for all dancers in the high school and adult classes. The Jr. High students are welcome to enroll in the class as well. This class will concentrate on healthy methods of stretching and strength training specially designed for dancers. This class will especially aid in the overall strength and endurance of your dancer.

Turns & Leaps is a necessary class for dancers who aspire to be advanced in their training. It is a half hour dedicated to the proper technique and strength needed for turning and leaping. Watch your dancer turn and leap to higher bounds!


Summer Classes – Our summer classes educate and enhance the dance experience of our students. Each year, we offer selected classes where our students have expressed interest. New students are encouraged to take the summer dance classes to allow instructors time to work with them and help to determine where to place them in the Fall and Spring season.


Jr. High School, High School, and Adult classes will be required to attend extra rehearsals in the spring. No additional fees will be charged for these extra rehearsals.

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